LOUDER - Listen | Observe | Understand | Design | Evaluate | Repeat

Signal Path approaches all design projects the same, because essentially, they are.  Whether it’s a product design or a brochure, a logo or an album cover; what it looks like tells your audience what you want to say.  The process is called LOUDER because this is the part where you get to make some noise.


Let’s meet in person, via Skype, or simply through some back-and-forth email banter.  This is a collaboration, and the goal is to get a sense of you, and feel your passion for your idea. Let’s look at the market, the opportunity.  Now it’s time to talk to your audience, your customer.  We want to hear what they want to say…


…even when they don’t say it.  There are clues that will tell us how your idea will best connect with your customer – the things they can’t articulate. Clues in how you interact with your idea, how you describe it, or touch it, or imagine it.  This is reading between the lines.


This is parsing the information gathered above.  Considering what was said, and what was seen, and solving the puzzle.  Signal Path’s tools and experience to turn the raw data into the physical manifestation of your idea.


This is the easy part – armed with knowledge, it’s time to execute.  The creation of the visual, tactile version of your idea – Version 1.1.


It’s time to check our work.  Testing the concept(s) against the research with real-world confirmation testing, allowing your audience to provide the necessary feedback to enable the most effective connection.


Iteration.  Repeat the process until the goal is reached.  It’s your idea with our FX … and it’s Awesome.