Signal Path

I’m proud to announce the launch of Welcome — have a look around.  Any questions? Please Ask!

The idea, and name, of Signal Path comes from the world of music recording.  The signal path is everything that happens to the “dry” signal (the original performance that is recorded) before it is committed to tape.  A master recording engineer uses skill and art along the signal path to create a recording enhances the performance.  The goal of Signal Path is to take your original idea — your voice — and enhance it using the tools, skills and experience that I have gained in my 12 years working in design and development, resulting in a product that brings your idea to life at the highest possible level.

Vaccuum Tube

The process is simple and proven, and focused on the customer. It reminds me of a simple tool, the vacuum tube.  There are shortcuts and newer ways to make noise, but you will lose authenticity and connection to your audience.  By understanding your customer, and placing their needs at the start of the design process, you ensure that your product will connect.  It’s about connecting, and shortcuts won’t get you there.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!


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