In late 2014, when corporate restructuring left me without employment but with an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down, I built a website. Well, first I came up with a name (maybe the hardest part) and designed a logo. Then I built a website. I developed it quickly, designed it minimally, loaded it with my work and my words, and went to work.

Smash cut to 2017, when I realized my aging website had long been a poor representation of Signal Path, what I do, and the work I’ve done over the past 3+ years. It was dated and un-optimized, content was sparse and incomplete, and it didn’t bring in business – all problems that I now make a living rectifying for my clients. The hardest part of running a business that makes other businesses look good is finding the time to do it for yourself.

So it is with great pride and a giant sigh of relief that I present to you: the new and improved

The idea was to put the breadth of services front and center so that visitors understand the variety of capabilities and can easily see examples of each, quickly. The services page is designed to present a scannable, yet dynamic, overview of our main offerings, with more detail available in the individual service categories pages, such as web design, photography, and virtual tours. This nifty form on the front page will allow potential clients to easily send information about their project needs, just like writing a letter. There’s a portfolio page with a good cross-section of projects, both recent and not-so-recent. All work is sortable by category, and recent projects appear on the relevant project pages.

There’s even a really cool chat widget hovering in the lower right, feel free to say hi!

Of great interest to potential clients will be the Pricing and Packages page. We understand that many business owners experience frustration simply getting an idea of what web design, photography, and other services will cost, so they can properly budget or shop around. We designed this page to attempt to present an idea of what these things cost, and offer packages that combine our various services together to save the client’s time, effort and money.

This website itself is a showcase of the best of what we offer for Web Design services for businesses in Milwaukee, Door County, and beyond. We sit at the intersection of design, technology, and message – the client’s voice, enhanced and amplified through our work.

The site is secure, optimized for all devices, and built on the same platform that allows our clients to take ownership of their own website, and edit content easily and quickly. Beyond that, it presents our work in other design disciplines not directly related to the web, such as product design and development, copywriting, and video production.

Please – send your feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts on how I can improve the site further. I have ideas as well, and I’ll be adding new features and functionality often. This website is a bit of a sandbox that allows me to perfect techniques and features before implementing them for my client’s websites. So if you see something that you like, and that you would like for your business, please let me know.