“I don’t even know how to begin to log in to my website.”

“To change the info on my rates or events on my site, I have to call this cranky IT guy, and I’m lucky if it’s done within a week.”

“Our website hasn’t been updated since our web guy stopped returning our calls, in 2014.”

Sound familiar?

Extreme website frustration is a common trait among small business owners. Some have a website that looks and works great, but they have no access or ability to update content. Others were given access, but only to find that the website’s backend is too confusing and time-consuming to manage.

For obvious reasons, some web designers like to build sites that their clients can’t maintain themselves. For slightly less obvious reasons, web designers that service small businesses at low rates tend to disappear and leave those clients with a ghost ship of a website. For business owners, this is a big problem. If you run a business and your website isn’t modern and up to date, you just look old school. If expired events from last year are still on the front page, if you’re displaying images of products that you no longer sell, and if your footer says “copyright 2013”, people notice, and they’re turned off.

In all projects, my ultimate goal is to provide my client with the tools that they need to be successful. For website design and development projects, addressing that goal includes providing a platform that they can work with, training them on how to use it, and handing over the keys. Websites by Signal Path are designed on a platform that includes a visual builder, or a tool that allows you to make changes –  text, images and much more – directly to the front-end of your website. It’s as easy to use as one of the common subscription site builders you may have heard advertised on podcasts, but much more robust, powerful, beautiful, and future-proof. Most often, I build sites using Divi, which is one of the top WordPress site builders available. Just look how easy it is – you can literally edit the text on your site, click save, and it’s published:

I include a training session with all web development projects. In the end, the client is empowered, and the website is not only beautiful, but useful as well. Alternatively, the client may choose to use me as their “web guy”, and outsource content edits and maintenance to me. As website owners, they hold the keys, whether or not they choose to use them.

When I went into business for myself, my intention was to do work I love for businesses that I want to help succeed – through integrity, quality work, and exceptional service. That includes setting my clients up for success every step of the way. Signal Path is the delivery system for your unique message. When you work with Signal Path for any design services projects, you get more than a “web guy”, you get a partner dedicated to your business’ success, now and in the future.