Sinucleanse Neti Cap

Working as a member of a cross-functional product development team, I helped the Sinucleanse company develop their first new product in several years. The company looked to my team to understand the market and define the opportunity.

We went to work by interviewing lead users of neti pots in a research study, collecting data and reflecting on the needs of these consumers. We found that neti pot users were highly pleased with the results of their neti pot use, but desired a more convenient way to flush their sinuses. My team began concept development by looking at alternative ways to solve this problem.

Through sketching, brainstorming and iteration, we identified the 3 concepts with the highest market potential using a STEP – STRETCH – LEAP methodology. Concepts included a syringe design, and a single-use bulb design.

We presented these to the client and were pleased when the client went to market with the NetiCap, which is a small cap that fits any water bottle, allowing the user to flush their sinuses easily and conveniently on the go.

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